One of the mystifying things about fires is the things that can happen with no intention.

Last night was damp and windy so we had a fire. Before going to bed I burnt some home made paper logs. These are made from newspapers and assorted papers using a special plunger type thing that compresses them down. Anyway, they must have formed a nice insulating layer on the coals since this morning I came down to a bed of warm glowing coals.

It was a shame I had to go to work since it would have been nice to try and revive the fire from this state.

What is annoying is that if I had tried to get an overnight burn it would have failed. The fire is therefore teasing me, tempting me into trying to repeat the feat. Damn it.


A combination of a sudden drop to normal autumn temperatures and it being my birthday has led to the first fire of the season….so what better way to start my first post?


I had forgotten how nice an open fire is but it was touch and go at first getting it going. One must always respect the fire and try not to cut corners. It seems to know….so plenty of kindling, a good firelighter and don’t overload it with coal at first. Plenty of air too.

Toasty warm now.