I’ll Regret this in the Morning

ride 3315

A bit of exploration tonight and trying out some of the functions of the Garmin.

I have a long ride in mind but it involves going beyond Sadler’s Farm and/or Fair Glen. Both of these junctions don’t look cycle friendly so have been researching alternative routes. There is also Bread and Cheese Hill to avoid.

Some cycle route planners suggested using an underpass in the Thundersley area which goes under the A130 between Sadler’s and Fair Glen. So, I transferred the suggested route into a “course” on Garmin and downloaded it.

The Garmin has a SatNav feature in that it will keep you on course – but only in that annoying way of telling you after you have gone off course. The display is simply a black line for you to follow which was hard to see in the night light but  I got to the underpass without getting lost or making any wrong turns.

The route there is slightly up hill the whole way despite me thinking I had plotted a fairly flat course. Turns out Church Road in Thundersley is great a hill in one direction, luckily the way I was going. I had brakes on full but still accelerated down the bendy hill. I then realised I may have to cycle back up this hill later…

Having got to the underpass I then had to cycle home….

ride 3315

For variety I had picked a different route home. I think this was much better but I did had to attempt cycling back up Church Road (I gave up). For a long time I was reliant on the Garmin and was very pleased to see the A13 when I reached it. It felt like I was home. The A13 is not bad for cycling on I have decided. Cars aren’t as fast and most of the junctions are laid out well for cyclists.

So, just over 20 miles in one night – I think that counts as a decent bike ride.