Is it a cycle path?

In a previous blog, I noted a stretch of pavement which, according to the map I have, is a cycle path. I did not recall seeing anything at the site to confirm this, but today, since I was in the area, I went and looked.

A photo of the map (with my scribbles) is below. It has a thick purple line – the key says this is a cycle track/bridleway/byway – so, not pavement. You can ride on it legally.

It starts at the junction with Short Street and runs to Sutton Road. But there is nothing there to mark it as not pavement – so it is assumed as pavement. The shared space of Victoria Circus stops at Short Street and to get on to this cycle track/bridleway/byway you need to cross Short Street, but the crossing there is pedestrian only (based on the lights). This suggests you cannot cycle beyond this point unless you go on the road.

This is another example of how signage is poor. I still feel reluctant to ride along it.

It is another example of poor connectivity – the end of Coleman Street is adjacent to it but is all blocked off with kerb. Why not have a ramp there to allow cyclists to join it safely from Coleman Street?


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