The Town Ring Road (Clockwise)

Yesterday I had the joy of the ring road anti-clockwise. Whilst the route is the pretty much the same in the clockwise direction I thought I may as well try it.

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Most of my thoughts from doing it anti-clockwise are the same in this direction.

Pier Hill was not as bad as I thought it would be. I am in no way fit etc but it is doable, but I felt the after effects for a while. This just confirms  my comment in my earlier post.

When you get to the end of Hamlet Road you take a different route to the anti-clockwise route. In this direction you follow the one way street Avenue Road. This takes you up to London Road with a designated cycle lane (below) at the junction to allow you to turn right (motor vehicles can only go left). On bin day though, this path is often blocked by a pile of bin bags. One can, at least, cycle round it since the area is shared space but it does demonstrate that not much notice is paid to the lane.

top of avenue
Top of Avenue Road

At this point one can head north up Brighten Road – there is a Toucan crossing and cycle lanes to help with this. I have cycled this and done a little post about it.

However, the ring road heads east back towards Victoria Circus, along shared space. You can go either side of Queensway so this time I went along the south side. This has some signage to indicate it is shared space – but small.

Something I noted going in this direction was that traversing the roundabout junction with London Road seemed safer than when I went anti-clockwise – I was heading against traffic – so easier to spot cars leaving the roundabout. However, a Toucan crossing would still be of benefit.

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