Good evening dancing ladies…


No bike ride this week (was ill last week and still not feeling 100%) so I thought I’d bore you with the stove.

I have successfully had it running since Sat 24th, generally only needing to tend it in the morning and evening. However, ’twas quite low at times so I now revive it once home and run it a bit hotter and then charge it up before bed.

This has really helped – the morning revive is a lot easier and quicker and the kitchen is toasty warm at 6am. And subsequently the night time revive generates the lovely dancing ladies in the picture (the blue flames).

It does seem there is a virtuous circle to this! One can really feel the benefit of the stove in the house now it is running well.

Stove, stove, stove….

It has been too mild of late to run the stove but this weekend has been wet and chilly so I lit it Saturday morning at 9am. It is now 9pm Sunday and it has run constantly all that time.

Saturday had it run for 8 hours without any intervention before I revived it. Sunday morning I revived it succesfully from an overnight burn. It then went 10 hours slumbering.

I have achieved revives from overnights before but then not managed to keep it running for so long into the day. It is also the first time that I have intentionally left it for so long and successfully revived it.

The only real difference is that when I lit it I put a lot of coal in. Almost a whole bucket. I have in the past been a bit conservative with this. But my approach this weekend obviously helped to set up a decent bed of coal for it to work for so long.

Of course next weekend I’ll do exactly the same and it will go out.